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Shifting Perspectives

My concept for Aschaffenburg Kulturtage 2024 is “Shifting Perspectives”.

I live on the edge of the Spessart and walk almost daily in the forest. As the largest deciduous forest in Germany the Spessart offers a changing landscape within each season.  The positive benefits of nature aren't purely physical but also psychological as I sense a calmness to my thoughts after a walk. The forest provides both a visual and internal changing landscape.


Shifting perspectives is a term used to describe the psychological effect people experience when faced  with chronic illness.  The Shifting Perspectives Model of Chronic Illness incorporates both wellness and illness perspectives and  enables individuals to conceptualise their health; seeing themselves, at times sick, and at other times well. 


This year, my husband was diagnosed with a chronic illness which has changed and redefined our perspective on many things. My aim is to bring a spotlight on how illnesses can but must not define us and how art and nature can soothe us.


16 paintings  50 x 50 cm representing the four seasons and the gradual shifts within them.


A gentle push and pull between chaos and order.

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