at work


Suzanne Lawerentz moved from Australia to Germany in 1999. 

Unable to speak the language Suzanne found an outlet to express herself through her art.

Utilising the skills she had acquired in her studies and work as an interior designer, she quickly developed a personal style full of colour and intuitive mark making.  At times her work references the landscape and different seasons of Germany, capturing the freshness of spring or the moodiness of winter, other times her paintings can evoke the warmth and harsh light of Australia .

Suzanne's abstract paintings evolve  through the use of many layers of paint which provide a richness of colour, depth and texture.

The process then entails considered decision making to create a harmonious tension.

Reducing elements , such as colour and form may take place, sometimes radically

but often in a way that still allows these elements to quietly be present in the finished work.

Finding inspiration living in a different country, communicating  in a different language and

experiencing  a different environment assists in a continually evolving art practice.

Suzanne undertakes  her creative endeavours, in her studio on the edge of the forest.