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menschWERK 24

WSV to SSV and all that lies between

Confronted by the ease of satisfying our daily consumer, needs and wants I have created a work that investigates the simplicity of form, and the complexity of function, of the cardboard box. This seemingly ordinary structure serves as a metaphor for the boundaries that characterise our lives, both physically and metaphorically. My work explores the multidimensional meaning of boxes and invites the viewer to rethink their appreciation of these commonplace containers.


Every day, postal services in Germany make around 220 stops and deliver between 200 and 300 parcels.  Of those boxes that are kept some become containers for our belongings, protectors of valuable possessions and guardians of secrets - but the others, the majority, are thrown away. 


I have collected and decoratively installed them as a tower, a work of art that symbolises the dopamine kick of online shopping. The boxes are manipulated and enhanced by colour and placement. They show order and structure, but also symbolise the balancing act between control and waste. This global phenomenon of online shopping and the sense of joy, we experience rom it, is recorded in colour by theses consumer totems.


WSV to SSV and all that lies between is an invitation to re-evaluate the number of boxes delivered daily and to seek beauty in the utilitarian form. I want to encourage reflection, introspection, and a new appreciation of the humble box.

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