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search a sky full of clouds, drought and flooding artistically expressed

strömungen: where the current takes me

23. Aschaffenburg Kulturtag
& Unterfränkische Kulturtage
Tag der Franken 
von 30. Juni bis 10. Juli 2022

7 Kontinente: 7 Ozeanen: 7 Bilder
shown in the
Sparkasse Aschaffenburg Alzenau 
Friedrichstraße 7, Aschaffenburg
Aschaffenburg Cultural Office logo

Water is the essence of life, as humans we have always chosen to live near bodies of water, they feed and nourish us.

But what happens when this delicate co existence loses its  balance. 

Too much water too little water.

 Water in all its forms determines where we live but more importantly where we cannot.


Suzannes work  channels  the sensory impact of water through form, colour and texture.

Her paintings  are built up through many layers and on closer inspection you will find the delicate details which represent the places, conditions, paths and  borders of those forced or who have chosen to leave. Suzanne collects and layers these stories within her paintings, it is a process of discovery as she searches for the equilibrium between formal qualities of a painting and the emotion she wants to evoke. The paintings histories and rhythms are tangible in the final work.


From the delicacy of the first painting to the physicality of the last you can sense the journey from a  dusty landscape to the overwhelming, churning power of water. 

Water has always and will always shape migration patterns and thus result in an eventual osmosis of cultures.

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