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I post therefore I paint or I paint therefore I post.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Does a painting really exist if it isn't posted on some type of social media?

And then the questions arise at what number of likes or followers am I or my work considered to be worthy or good?

Who do I admire, is it based on work produced or number of followers?

I think we are all at the risk of falling down the rabbit hole of instant social media gratification and validation.

I know I am.

Like it or leave it but social media is the new barometer for what's in and especially for the millennials it is a totally acceptable modern day trend maker.

In an attempt to improve my posts and visibility I have just completed the 'Time to Shine' course from Alice Sheridan, here we went through a series of exercises to make us more comfortable to well....blow our own trumpets.

Showing up regularly, accepting not everyone will like what you post and putting your sensitive soul out there Is part of the deal……nevertheless

As I wrote on @printcessmeg

Note to myself:

Peoples tastes are quite individual and as a unique individual you can not be to everyones taste.

So for me…….. I paint therefore I post.

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